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Mech Suit Pt. 1

After finishing my coursework at SCAD, I decided to take some time and try a different effect. This time, It's of a subject wearing a type of Halo Inspired Mech suit for a science-fiction style music video. Here are a few of the reference images. One oft he original inspirations was from the movie Dune where Paul Atredies is seen in a battle suit, and the actors face can be seen in the CG suit.

After some CG work in Maya, and test comping in Nuke, this is the initial result. I also included an environment in the background to give more depth and life to the scene.

There will be movement. The suit is an animation from Mixamo, and the vizor will be added in in Nuke, where the VanGuard is walking towards the camera an then stops. Then we will see the actors face, giving the effect that they are wearing the CG suit.

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