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42nd Annual Evening of Talent Expressions

Justin Myrick Media was happy to partner with South Carolina's oldest talent competition, an Evening of Talent Expressions, creating social media content for them leading up to the performances on November 11th, 2023.  This content including a variety of different formats and visuals. Also included some filming of the Founder promoting the event himself. 

The video above was in collaboration with 3rd Day Productions. Justin Myrick Media was responsible for the recording and mixing of the Voiceover heard in the ad. 


Justin Myrick Media was also responsible for QR Code generation for the tickets on EventBrite


Justin Myrick Media created verticals that have been posted to FaceBook and Instagram. It was also Justin Myrick Media's idea to have a "Meet the Contestants" series that features the participants in the show. Responsible for filming, subtitling, motion graphic design, and the editing of the verticals. 

Part of the content created included a 30 day countdown timer. Starting out as simple 1:1 photos, but soon motion graphic uploads as the date of the show got closer. 

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