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Mech Suit Pt. 2

After some more rendering of frames, I decided to test the motion in Nuke.

The main concern is getting the vizors motion in sync with the motion of the suit.

After trying the alter the motion of the vizor in Maya, I decided tot ry a different approach. I decided to roto out the shape of the mask in Nuke, frame by frame. This was a little more tedious - and time consuming a tdifferent points - however it does function as a solution. After getting the general movement of the mask down, I had to work on the look-dev portion of the mask.

I decided tot alter the color to green, so it would match the color fo the suit. This might also help the integration of the suit overall.

Now another detail to get down is the reflections. There are refections all over the suit, however right now the mask doesn't have any. to make it more realistic there needs to be some form of reflection in the vizor lens. So that will be my next aspect to cover.

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