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Arctic Military Base Pt. 4

There has been a lot of interesting development between this post and the last post. So far this is what the base looks like.

There is still a lot of work to do, however a lot has changed between this iteration and the last. After seeing the texture stretch, I decided to ditch the platform I modeled myself. I then found this platform asset on CGTrader for free. I also found the gun turrets on CG Trader for free. They don't exactly match the ones the reference, but they do add a little more to the scene. Showing that the weapons are pointed outward. I also added the "support structures" to help make it seem more like a base rather than a platform.

I decided to add the touch of gold to create some visual contrast, and it helps add a very different vibe to the entire scene.

I still need to add the soldered and starships, however I do think using a pre-made asset for the platform was a much better idea. It makes it looks far more realistic and detailed. Overall, I think this is headed in the right direction.

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