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Arctic Military Base Pt. 2

So I did a good bit of research and development, and figured out that something like this would be better done in UnReal. For a few different reasons

  1. Low render times (This was the biggest plus)

  2. Pre-made environment assets and textures (Bridge/Megascans)

  3. I can import other assets as well

I haven't used UnReal in about a year, so this would be a good refresher on how to use the software from af ew different angles. I'd be importing in other assets. I'd be dealing with textures. I'd be dealing with textures. Render layers. Volimetrics. Lighting. Also rendering and hopefully getting AOV"s baked into the EXR's.

I recently discovered that you can in fact have UnReal produced extra image planes. Which will help great ywhen compositing. So when it comes time to render I want to render out AOV's and see how this helps when I bring the frames into Nuke.

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